About Me

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Rob. Robert. Very occasionally Bob. Roberto sometimes when that makes it easier for a Spanish person to work out what I’m saying. I’m British, though currently living and working as an English teacher, Maths tutor and Spanish/Catalan-to-English translator (yes, freelance, go figure) in Catalonia, Spain. I like languages, writing, history, politics, different cultures, reading, linguistics, comedy, computer programming, cooking, playing guitar and goodness knows what else.

Why “travel in the slow lane”?

Mainly because it’s vaguely poetic. The slightly more serious answer is that, although, like a lot of people, I want to see the world, I don’t just want to tick off places on a long list, seeing the tourist sites and collecting selfies and fridge magnets. I’d much prefer to visit far fewer places, but really get to know them. Learn the languages, make friends, live and work there à la long term. It’s, like, travel, but in the slow lane.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you Robert. I read your synopsis carefully and acquired a much better understanding on the origins of the turmoil in Catalunha (that´s how we write it in Portuguese). I´m a Luso-Canadian (Portuguese and Canadian citizen) living in a small town called Arcos de Valdevez (very near Galiza), trying to get a better understanding of what´s going on next door. Trying to figure if going it alone for Catolans really makes any sense or if their is any basis for this ambition. BTW, many Galegos identify far more with Portugal than they do with Spain. Have a great day.


    • Thanks Marcelo! I’m glad it was helpful, I hope you were able to better understand everything that has happened over the last couple of weeks. To be honest, there has been very little discussion of what independence would mean in practical terms, it’s been a very emotional debate (like Brexit, among other recent votes).
      Yeah, borders are very complicated. I’ve had some lovely times in Galicia, not been to Portugal yet unfortunately (well, Porto airport, but we then drove straight north). I understand the language is closer to Portuguese than Spanish?
      Have a great day too!


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