The Catalan Dispatches: Confused?

Today, Thursday 21st December, Catalonia is going to the polls. Again. This time, they're going to vote for a new Catalan Parliament. For the background, check out my last blog, here. There I promised something more forward looking. The thing is, it's very messy. Like, you won't believe how messy. I mean, there's something messy … Continue reading The Catalan Dispatches: Confused?


Catalan Dispatches: Half-time

45,000 people. A demo with 45,000 people. That sounds quite a lot, but, let's be honest, it's not for Catalonia. The thing is, this wasn't in the streets of Catalonia, but in the streets of Brussels. Thousands of Catalans headed to a city 800 miles/1300 km away this week to protest for the release of … Continue reading Catalan Dispatches: Half-time

Poopy Log: A Very Catalan Christmas

Like the UK, people in Catalonia were able to start complaining very early about how early the Christmas season starts. Only a couple of days into November, my favourite Catalan chain restaurant was being draped in artificial greenery, baubles and lights with instrumental carols joining their normal classical playlist. It’s easy to blithely assume (read: … Continue reading Poopy Log: A Very Catalan Christmas