New Year, New Government, New Country? – Catalan Dispatches

2017 was a busy old year for Catalonia, a year which saw it a fixture of the world stage, from the August terrorist attacks to the crescendoing independence saga. It was so busy I'm not going to try and summarise or evaluate it unless you're offering me a book deal. Instead, here are your cheat … Continue reading New Year, New Government, New Country? – Catalan Dispatches


This Catalan Referendum

Today, 1st October 2017, the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia is holding a referendum on independence. Well, trying to. They are having to work around Spanish blocks on the voter roll, ballot boxes being confiscated, police charging people queuing to vote. And it's a bit drizzly. It was already a tense situation. Both sides say … Continue reading This Catalan Referendum

Why I Don’t Create

For Stevie (, even if dedicating blog posts isn’t a thing. I enjoy writing. There, I’ve said it. I don’t really like admitting it, but I do enjoy writing in the broadest sense: blogs, jokes, songs, computer code. I just never share the things I write with more than about two people, and often not … Continue reading Why I Don’t Create


Oh Sugar Part 2: Oh, Sugar…

I don't know if you've been following my blog. Well, I do know, I can see my statistics. But if you had been following my blog, you'd have seen there was very little to follow. I certainly couldn't be accused of posting regularly. This is my excuses why, disguised as an anecdote. My first "Oh … Continue reading Oh Sugar Part 2: Oh, Sugar…


Oh Sugar

Life abroad is made of little observations. Sure, there are the headline differences: different major festivals, different languages, different daily routines. They grab you by the throat with their neon lights and let you know with their mixed metaphors that you're somewhere else. But that's tourism, it's the little things that are living abroad. The … Continue reading Oh Sugar