Terrassa: Beautiful Isn’t The Word

As of 3rd September, 2014, my knowledge of Terrassa was tabula rasa. Yeah, doesn't really work, I know. Almost does. Close enough to be disappointing that it doesn't. What I mean is that, as of the 3rd September last year, I'd never heard of it. On the 14th September, I moved here. 11 days. Well, … Continue reading Terrassa: Beautiful Isn’t The Word


Oh Sugar Part 2: Oh, Sugar…

I don't know if you've been following my blog. Well, I do know, I can see my statistics. But if you had been following my blog, you'd have seen there was very little to follow. I certainly couldn't be accused of posting regularly. This is my excuses why, disguised as an anecdote. My first "Oh … Continue reading Oh Sugar Part 2: Oh, Sugar…

Oh Sugar

Life abroad is made of little observations. Sure, there are the headline differences: different major festivals, different languages, different daily routines. They grab you by the throat with their neon lights and let you know with their mixed metaphors that you're somewhere else. But that's tourism, it's the little things that are living abroad. The … Continue reading Oh Sugar

Poopy Log: A Very Catalan Christmas

Like the UK, people in Catalonia were able to start complaining very early about how early the Christmas season starts. Only a couple of days into November, my favourite Catalan chain restaurant was being draped in artificial greenery, baubles and lights with instrumental carols joining their normal classical playlist. It’s easy to blithely assume (read: … Continue reading Poopy Log: A Very Catalan Christmas